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Ken Thompson, The Actor


        I should have been cast in these films. Never mind I was 2ish
when Dr. No was filmed. I'm just a few years younger than Pierce
Brosnan, so that would have worked. And I'm only 20 years (or so)
older than Eva Green. And American. And a couch potato.

All mostly overcomable.

I have this idea to bring Firefly back. The crew is on the run, having to
go farther and farther out, and getting less for it. Then they find this
brilliant, handsome, and very rich old(ish) guy who is hiding from the
Alliance. He agrees to pay enough to keep them in the air if they take him
with them and keep him out of Alliance hands.

Inara, of course, takes a strong liking to him and they keep each other
safe. Mal is, naturally, perfectably fine with this. Not.

Oh, and Wash is back. Because he is. Bite me.

I think it'll work. Call me.

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